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Russian icons ielts reading answers

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The statement is TRUE. There is no specific information about either visitor spending or resident spending in the text. In this passage, the author does not mention whether leaves which turn colours other than red are more likely to be damaged by sunlight.

In paragraph I, we read that some trees do not waste energy to produce red leaves, they simply show their natural orange or yellow colours, but no more information is given. No-one has found one of their canoes or any rigging, which could reveal how the canoes were sailed. Nor do the oral histories and traditions of later Polynesians offer any insights, for they turn into myths long before they reach as far back in time as the Lapita.

This is what would have made the whole thing work. This means that whether the Lapita could sail into a prevailing wind has not been verified yet. So, the statement is true. Fiji is only mentioned in paragraph In some cases answer is so hard although all comment seem to me easy. The largest employment figures in the world are found in the travel and tourism industry.

Keywords: largest figures, employment, tourism. Tourism contributes over six per cent of the Australian gross national product. Keywords: tourism, 6 per cent, Australian gross national product.

Tourism has a social impact because it promotes recreation. Keywords: two features, economic significance, difficult.

Visitor spending is always greater than the spending of residents in tourist areas. Keywords: visitor spending, greater, resident spending. It is easy to show statistically how tourism affects individual economies.It contains one piece of writing. Read the piece and answer the questions. A From the very first caveman to scale a tree or hang from a cliff face, to the mighty armies of the Greco-Roman empires and the gymnasiums of modern American high schools, calisthenics has endured and thrived because of its simplicity and utility.

B Calisthenics enters the historical record at around B. Herodotus reported that, prior to the battle, the god-king Xerxes sent a scout party to spy on his Spartan enemies. The scouts informed Xerxes that the Spartans, under the leadership of King Leonidas, were practicing some kind of bizarre, synchronised movements akin to a tribal dance.

Xerxes was greatly amused. His own army was comprised of overmen, while the Spartans had just Leonidas was informed that he must retreat or face annihilation. It turns out their tribal dance was not a superstitious ritual but a form of calisthenics by which they were building awe-inspiring physical strength and endurance.

C The Greeks took calisthenics seriously not only as a form of military discipline and strength, but also as an artistic expression of movement and an aesthetically ideal physique. Indeed, the term calisthenics itself is derived from the Greek words for beauty and strength.

We know from historical records and images from pottery, mosaics and sculptures of the period that the ancient Olympians took calisthenics training seriously. They were greatly admired — and still are, today — for their combination of athleticism and physical beauty. This expression has travelled through centuries and continents, and the source of this envy and admiration is the calisthenics method. D Calisthenics experienced its second golden age in the s.

This century saw the birth of gymnastics, an organised sport that uses a range of bars, rings, vaulting horses and balancing beams to display physical prowess.

This period is also when the phenomena of strongmen developed. These were people of astounding physical strength and development who forged nomadic careers by demonstrating outlandish feats of strength to stunned populations. Most of these men trained using hand balancing and horizontal bars, as modern weight machines had not yet been invented.

But Atlas was the last of a dying breed. The tides were turning, fitness methods were drifting away from calisthenics, and no widely-regarded proponent of the method would ever succeed him. F In the s and s calisthenics and the goal of functional strength combined with physical beauty was replaced by an emphasis on huge muscles at any cost.

This became the sport of body building. Body building icons, people such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva were called mass monsters because of their imposing physiques.I I MCCarter sh. He has also co-authored several other publications and edited a range of health publications. Judith Ash is a former lecturer in academic and medical English at Southwark College.

The next two books in the series will be on writing and listening. IntelliGene will be publishing a major book on communication skills in medicine by Sam McCarter and anew book on writing skills. The test contains three reading passages, which may include pictures, graphs, tables or diagrams. The reading passages are of different length, ranging from approximately to 1, words.

russian icons ielts reading answers

The total for the three passages is between 1, and 2, words. Each reading passage has several different types of questions, which may be printed either before or after the passage. Often the texts and the questions become more difficult as you read from Passage I to 3. The word limit, for example, in a sentence completion exercise may vary from exercise to exercise. In a heading matching exercise, you may be able to use headings more than once.

So be careful! It is very important to attempt to finish the test. You will not have time to read and enjoy the passages; instead, you should learn to work out what the question you are doing requires and find each answer as quickly as possible.

For many students timing is a problem. They find it difficult to leave a question that they cannot answer. While you are not answering a difficult question you could be answering two or three, or even more, easier ones. Then you can come back to those you have left blank afterwards.

Candidates sometimes panic when they are faced with a reading passage on a subject about which they know nothing at all. It is important to remember that the answers to all of the questions are in the text itself. You do not need any knowledge of the topic to be able to answer the questions. The test is designed to test your reading comprehension skills, not your knowledge of any particular subject.

You will not have extra time to transfer your answers from the question paper to your answer sheet. Candidates often think that, because they have time to transfer their answers in the listening section, the same thing happens in the reading section.

It does not. The main point here is that the completed sentence summarises the information in the reading passage. The sentence will most likely be a paraphrase of the text, so you will have to look for synonyms of the statement in the exercise. Make sure the grammar of the two parts fits. Here are some specific hints to help you: f! I Read the whole statement carefully before you make a decision.You should spend about 20 minutes on Questionswhich are based on Reading Passage 1 below.

When students graduate and first enter the workforce, the most common choice is to find an entry-level position. This can be a job such as an unpaid internship, an assistant, a secretary, or a junior partner position. Traditionally, we start with simpler jobs and work our way up. Managers are organisational members who are responsible for the work performance of other organisational members.

However, as many professionals already know, managing styles can be very different depending on where you work. Some managing styles are strictly hierarchical.

These categories represent three major functional approaches, which are designated as interpersonal, informational and decisional. Interpersonal roles require managers to direct and supervise employees and the organisation.

The figurehead is typically a top of middle manager. They are also responsible for the selection and training of employees. Informational roles are those in which managers obtain and transmit information. These roles have changed dramatically as technology has improved. The monitor evaluates the performance of others and takes corrective action to improve.

Monitors also watch for changes in the environment and within the company that may affect individual and organisational performance. Monitoring occurs at all levels of management. Decisional roles require managers to plan strategy and utilise resources. There are four specific roles that are decisional.


The first positive function is Mintzberg provided a useful functional approach to analyse management. And he used this approach to provide a clear concept of the role of manager to the researcher. You should spend about 20 minutes on Questionswhich are based on Reading Passage 2 below. Do you read while listening to music? Do you like to watch TV while finishing your homework? People who have these kinds of habits are called multi-taskers. Multitaskers are able to complete two tasks at the same time by dividing their focus.

While listening to music, people become less able to focus on their surroundings. Now that most individuals have a personal device, like a smart-phone or a laptop, they are frequently reading, watching or listening to virtual information.

In the modern era, our technology is convenient enough to not interrupt our daily tasks. Earl Miller, an expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studied the prefrontal cortex, which controls the brain while a person is multitasking. He designed an experiment where he presents visual stimulants to his subjects in a wax that mimics multi-tasking. Davis Meyer, a professor of University of Michigan, studied the young adults in a similar experiment. For this experiment.You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions More than two hundred years ago, Russian explorers and fur hunters landed on the Aleutian Islands, a volcanic archipelago in the North Pacific, and learned of a land mass that lay farther to the north.

The islands' native inhabitants called this land mass Aleyska - the 'Great Land'; today, we know it as Alaska. The forty-ninth state to join the United States of America inAlaska is fully one-fifth the size of the mainland 48 - states combined.

It shares, with Canada, the second, longest river system in North America and has over half the coastline of the United States. The rivers feed into the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska - cold, nutrient-rich waters which support tens of millions of seabirds, and over species of fish, shellfish, crustaceans, and mollusks. Taking advantage of this rich bounty, Alaska's commercial fisheries have developed into some of the largest in the world.

The true cultural heart and soul of Alaska's fisheries, "however, is salmon. Indeed, if Alaska was an independent nation, it would be the largest producer of wild salmon in the world. Catches have not always been so healthy. Between andover-fishing led to crashes in salmon populations so severe that in Alaska was declared a federal disaster area.

With the onset of statehood, however, the State of Alaska took over management of its own fisheries, guided by a state constitution which mandates that Alaska's natural resources be managed on a sustainable basis.

At that time, statewide harvests totaled around 25 million salmon. Over the next few- decades average catches steadily increased as a result of this policy of sustainable management, until, during the s, annual harvests were well in excess of million, and on several occasions over million fish.

There are biologists throughout the state constantly monitoring adult fish as they show up to spawn. The biologists sir. The salmon season in Alaska is not pre-set. The fishermen know die approximate time of year when they will be allowed to fish, but on any given day, one or more field biologists in a particular area can put a halt to fishing.

Even sport filing can be brought to a halt It is this management mechanism that has allowed Alaska salmon stocks - and, accordingly, Alaska salmon fisheries - to prosper, even as salmon populations in the rest of the United States arc increasingly considered threatened or even endangered. The MSC has established a set of criteria by which commercial fisheries can be judged.

Recognising the potential benefits of being identified as environmentally responsible, fisheries approach the Council requesting to undergo tcertificationuon process. The MSC then appoints a certification committee, composed of a panel of fisheries experts, which gathers information and opinions from fishermen, biologists, government officials, industry representatives, non-governmental organisations and others.

Some observers thought the Alaska salmon fisheries would not have any chance of certification when, in the months leading up to MSC's final decision, salmon runs throughout western Alaska - completely collapsed. In the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers, chinook and chum runs were probably the poorest since statehood; subsistence communities throughout the region, who normally have priority over commercial fishing, were devastated.

The crisis was completely unexpected, but researchers believe it had nothing to do with impacts of fisheries. It could have meant the end as far as the certification process was concerned. However, the state reacted quickly, closing down all fisheries, even those necessary for subsistence purposes. Seven companies producing Alaska salmon were immediately granted permission to display the MSC logo on their products.


Certification is for an initial period of five years, with an annual review to ensure dial the fishery is continuing to meet the required standards. Questions Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage ?

russian icons ielts reading answers

Alaska's fisheries are owned by some of the world's largest companies. Life in Alaska is dependent on salmon. Ninety per cent of all Pacific salmon caught are sockeye or pink salmon.Only the opinion of this director is mentioned, so we are not told if this film was one of the greatest films ever made.

Film carried American life and values around the globe. We do not know if the cinema presents a biased view of other countries.

Indeed, some said that……cinema would fade away. The more skilled employees are the most likely to leave. Instead, the paragraph deals only with matching people to jobs. So they think that the quality of their work is important.

It is similar to the given statement. So, there is scientific evidence that eating fewer calories may extend human life. Reduced operation of the machinery should limit their production and thereby constrain the damage. So, the damage is constrained because of limited emission of free radicals, or fewer free radicals are emitted. Thank you very much,i would appreciate if you include previous books too,please,by which i mean cambridge3,4 and 5.

How cinema teaches us about other cultures. It is important to understand how the first audience reacted to the cinema.

Keywords: first audience, understand, reacted.

russian icons ielts reading answers

A shrinking organization tends to lose its less skilled employees rather than its more skilled employees. It is easier to manage a small business than a large business. Keywords: small business, large business.

High achievers are well suited to team work. Keywords: High achievers, team work. Some employees can feel manipulated when asked to participate in goal-setting. The staff appraisal process should be designed by employees. Studies show drugs available today can delay the process of growing old. There is scientific evidence that eating fewer calories may extend human life.

Not many people are likely to find a caloric-restricted diet attractive.These are provided so you can see the kind of questions you may get and possible ways to answers them.

They will also give you ideas of the sorts of things you can talk about.

Seas beneath the sands ielts reading answers

They are not here for you to try and learn them to use in the test because that won't help you. Firstly, although there are common topics that come up, they can all vary slightly, so if you give a learned response you may not answer the question. Also, examiners will be able to spot if you are using learned responses as you will not sound natural.

My hometown's in Hanoi, which is the capital city of Vietnam. It's located in the north of the country, not really that far from the southern Chinese border. Oh yes, there's certainly lots to do there as it's a fairly big city.


If you like going out in the evening there are a lot of good restaurants and bars. If you prefer cultural activities there are museums and art galleries. But if you like nature there are lots of other things outside of the city which are easy to reach. They are mostly quite friendly, but as with most big cities everyone is often busy so it may seem as if they are not interested in speaking or having a chat.

But if you live there you know that most people are quite happy to have a chat if they have time and will help you if needed. I'm studying history at university. It's a four year course, and I started it three years ago, so I have just one year left. I'm enjoying it a lot so it will be sad to finish. We learn about many things from the past such as politics and wars, but I like learning about how people lived in the past the most.

It's amazing to see how our lives have changed so much from the past up until now. In some ways our lives have got much easier now, but in other ways the simplicity of life in the past made people much happier. Learning about all that is fascinating. I'm not sure at the moment, but I may go into teaching. I'll probably decide for sure what to do when I have completed that.

I currently work as an office manager at a large marketing company. I've been in the job for about five years now. I'm usually assigned to work with a specific business in order to improve their sales through various marketing strategies.